Be daring

Change is essential. In fact, change is wonderful. It’s liberating.
As humans, it’s in our nature to evolve and change our minds and our tastes as our experiences broaden. Embrace change and all the feelings that have led you here to seek it out for yourself and your home. Push your own limits beyond the safe and the status quo. Be bold. Be unpredictable. Follow your heart. It is only through our imagination and our courage that we find a new and amazing space.

Be inspired

What takes your breath away?
It could be a color, an endearing collection, or simply the feel of old marble under your toes. Your home should be inspired by you and inspiring to you every single day. Your home should welcome you and protect you; wow you and remind you what makes you so unique. Embrace your quirks, showcase your favorite things, and let your true personality shine. Your efforts will delight your visitors and make your home an extraordinary expression of yourself. After all, your home is a reflection of your soul. So you should feel good about what you see.

Be realistic

Time to get practical – where function and finance meet up with your vision.
At the end of the day, you’re the one that has to live in your new space. It must be comfortable and inspiring at the same time. A place that makes it easier to go about your daily routine and is in sync with your lifestyle. A beautiful space is a failure if it works against you.

But before you can make your vision a reality, we have to talk money. Everyone has a number in their head – that one magic number that you’re afraid to say out loud. There are tricks to making a budget stretch and we know where to get the biggest bang. However, you must be honest about your financial boundaries. An open dialogue here will save you heartache later. Part of our job is to help you understand how far your money will go.

Have fun

Design is exciting. It can also be fun if you know what you’re getting into. Beyond that, however, keep in mind that this is a collaboration. Trust in my role as your designer, keep an open mind, and hang on to your sense of adventure. Think of this space transformation as a chance to rediscover and redefine who you are today. Take a deep breath, sit back, be open to all the possibilities, and have some fun.